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Search and Selection of Candidates
400 euro
Exchange Within 30 Days
Collection and Analysis of Documents
30 euro
Obtaining Initial Residence Permit
200 euro
Valid for 2 Years
Renewal of Residence Permit
150 euro
Valid for 2 Years
Temporary Residence Permit, Change of Employer
150 euro
Valid for 2 Years
Poland Visa for Work
150 euro
Valid for 12 Months
Work Permit for Obtaining a Work Visa
50 euro
Work Permit for Obtaining a Residence Permit
50 euro
Resubmission of Documents
50 euro



AKSEL has been working with candidates from the CIS since 2015, gaining extensive experience in placing workers in the Republic of Lithuania and beyond.



AKSEL is a recruiting agency that acts as a bridge between employers and employees, performing tasks to identify the best talents, verify candidates, and present the best candidates to clients.



AKSEL departments consist of highly qualified and experienced specialists in their respective fields, allowing us to maintain a high position in the field of recruitment.



UAB Aksel M

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    Metalo gatve 2, LT-02190, Vilnius
  • Phone:
    +370 665 18 963

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